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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  September 8, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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%-baltimore. how the weather made it worse. >> one person said he is addicted to women. that he cannot stop himself almost. >> the lawwuit against john leoppld. the scandalous new allegations tonight against the arundel3 county executive. >> bp's report. the oil company'ssview of what went wrong. >> and more good news about coffee. the way it could very well help -ome people live longer. >> live in high definition, fro3 wbff tv in baltimorr, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. 24 alarm blaaes in baltimore. row homes up in smoke. >> karen parks is live in west baltimore where firefighttrs returned to the scene mommnts ago. karen?
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ú% that's right jennifer. if you remember, at 10:00, this is pretty much a ghost town. cleaning up. getting ready to leave. but just minutes ago, and i am talking about maybe five minutes ago. at least 80 firefighters rush to thh scene here. in the 1300 block of north calhoon. after smoke was seen coming from the top of one of the row homes, that caught on fire earlier today. initially we were told that 10 ú%mes caught on fire. both four alarms. now we have learned that thereú could be mmre. chief kevin cartwright from the fire department joins me now. kevin, can you tell me whaa is going on right now? >> fire in the 1300 block of north calhoon street. has been under control for an hour and a half to two hours we received a report, while our firefighters were two blocks over, that there was some smoke coming from one of the dwellings. so right now our firefightees, as you can see in the background, have reentered the dwelling, to extinguish a small fire kindling. >> kevin, let me ask you. it is windy right now.
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oo these fires, spreading today? i mean we had -- started on one side. jumped the street. then went two blocks over. could weather be a factor in all of this? >> we saw fire tonight, in this community, that we have not seen in some time. in baltimore. but the weather, the high winds, may have played a factor in that. however, it is early in thh investigation.ú for our fire investigators and arson detectives. in the near future we will know what started these fires. >> this scene was clear 20 minutes ago. did you all reccive another 911 call about smoke coming from the building? >> we were actually two blocks away, we have firefighters ú%erating on the second fire that occurred tonight. and those firefighters received reports, and they just responded just around the corner, and right now other fiie is extinguished. >> all righh. chief thank you for joining us. and i have to add that right now, even families, have been
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displaced. no one has been seriously injured. that is a very latest from here n west baltimore. karen parks, fox 45 news "late edition". . >> new information tonight after a booy is found in a burnt out columbia house. %-former wife thelma winn win we condominium tuesday.nside of tte damon was found in the condominium after the blaze and is under police guard as we speak. at shock trauma. %-in a road rage incident last month is out on bond. jamessking of severn shot another man at tellgraph road and route 100. a judge ordered him heed without bond. but ustta week ago, king'' attorrey asked for a second bond review. the ext day a new bond was set. and king posted it. prosecutors learned about the bond motion yesterddy. after king was released. tooorrow, there will be a hearing about whether to resend
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the bond. found about 16 miles off thee3 coast of ocean city monday. melkis delgado disappeared after swimming after lifeguards left for the day. hurricane danielle caused several riptides that weekend. >> bizarre new details tonight -n the sexual harassment lawsuit against arundel county executivv john leopold. amendee lawsuit will be filed in %-the plaintiff karla ham ner paints a clear picture of a so-called skirt chasing county executive, who will to go great lengths to get what he wants. it claims leopold would se binoculars to scope out a track active women and order police officers to say run down, theirú license plates. >> he would ask the guard. he would ask police ooficer, ask anybody else he had to, to get ú%e information relating to that person. >> now the lawsuit also claims leopold used fear and quiet. the county's attorney said the
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claims have no merit. and are irresponsible. -> maryland lawmaker is accused of taking unfair advantage of tax laws, and it is a move that could be costing city and county taxpayers money. fox 45 has learned that senator della jr. is receiving home tax credits on his hooe in baltimore city and his property inn3 northwest baltimore county. for ddlla it is a saving of $6000 on his latest property tax bills. but state law only allows the credit for one primary %->> i have tried tt get ahold f the state department of assessment. to have them notify the county, that was done in error. anddwhatever adjustment is necessary, that will be paid for by my wife. >> dellla calls the baltimore county property his wife's primary residence. because he only visits her on weekends. tax officials are investigating. >> new details tonight about
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three doctors and their role in a botched borings. hearings held for two doctors that had license suspended after an abbrtion in cecil county where a barack obama could have died after undergoing an ab third doctor does not have aú license to practicc in he state of maryland. steven brigham has been ordered -> another hearing will be held this month for the two doctors -hat were suspended. >> now, the statt board of physicians took action against another doctor today. the board suspended romeo ferrer's license, heehad offices operating in saverna park. ferrer is accused of several things during an abortion that ended in tte ddath of a 21-year-old baltimore woman. unreported in the city have got the attention of lawmakers n capitol hill. issue brought up in washinnton, d.c. next tuesday to members of the senate crime and drug
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committee. baltimore is spearheading a audit of unfounded rape cases. >> we want to make sure that every case is treated with the3 seriousness that it deserves. >> there is the question as to whether the police, local police, arr treating the victims as victiis. or hether they are looking for ways not to pursue a case.3 %-said sse plans to closely fol3 the natiinal discussion to improve investigative techniques here in baltimore. >> if you need thaa cup of coffee each and every day to get your day started t may acttally be really good for you. greek researchers found for people with high blood pressure cup of coffee every day helps you to live longer. it immroves elasticity in arteries that helps to fight heart disease. >> facebook may to blame forga bad i rades. collegg students on facebook, while studding or doing homework
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get 20 percent lower grades. average gpa jumps almost a entire point at the website, if it was not on. evvn in the background. during study sessions. %-younger generations may not be as good at multi-tasking as they think. >> well we ad another day above 90. >> yeah, we have had a really hot summer. and we keep passing records. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us to show us how extreme this season has been. >> well, we were looking at winds that are kind of extreee today. we saw the friers from the video karen was showing. that's a problem. breezy conditions. hot day. and 1 of the reasons we had the strong winds is because the3 difference in the warm air and the mid 90s. and then the cooler air mooing in behind the cold front. in pressure gradient and get the gusty winds. that is what is happening right now. winds 10 to 20 miles pee our. across the city. so you can still see breezy conditions, thhough the overnight. now, also dry conditions out there.
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so when you have dry conditions, there was a red flag warning earrier today, that has expired. and nonetheless that means that it is dry. and also the pottntial is there for fire danger. so we did haav 13 days of no rain. only a trace, six days ago. and we areeabout 1.13 inches below our normall definitely we need rain. low pressurefully this weekend. show you that coming up in the seven--aa forecast in a bit. >> as of right now, we are not convinced that backing down is %->> plans for a quran burning n september 11th is sst to go as scheduled. political presh to your stop the event and the dangers it maa pose to u.s. troops. >> i mean, if this was scripted only you can determine it is worth traaing your dignity for a paycheck. >> the jersey shore snookky gets harsh criticism from a judge. her punish for him annoying people on a beach last month.
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>> u.s. officials continue to blast a hurch pastor to stage a quran burning event on september 11, saturday. these plans are enrageedng muslims the world over. >> desppte public pressure from department and even the vatican, -astor terry jones said he still plans to hold a quran burning event at his small church in florida. >> as of right now, we are not convinced that backing down, is the right thing. so on september 11th, we shall continue with our planned event. >> secretary of state hillary clinton telling the council onn3 foreign relations she hopes the pastor changes his mind. -> it is regrettable that a pastor in gainsville florida with a church of no more than 55
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people, can make this outrageous and distress full disgraceful plan, and get, you know, the world's attention. ú%t that's the orld we live in right now. >> general david patreous has said repeatedly that the event would put u.s. troops in afghanistan, and americans >> any type of activity like troops in harm's way would be a concern to the administration. >> growing media attention reachinggmuslims worldwide that3 are protesting. some prrmising exactly the type of violence against aaericcns patraeus warned of. >> i think the first and most important reaction, afterwards, will be that wherever americcns areeseen, they will be killed. no matter where they will be in the world. they will be killed. >> add one more voice to the chorus, according to a pentagon spokesperson. defense secretary robert gates said during a staff meeting he endorses the cautionaryycomments
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of general david patreous. in washington, fox news. >> and here is our question of the day. is it appropriate for a pastor to burn the koran? so far 22 percent say yes. 78 percent say no. one viewer wrote why offend the whole islamic religion in order tooprotest a small minority of radicals. but randy writes, ow do wee3 %-not the koran?o be burned and >> construction crews installed the world trade center. at ground zero. the column has been set uppat the entrance to the september 11th memorial and the memorial is set to be opened boy next year n time for the 10th anniversary of the attack. it will feature reflective pools and a wall with a list of victii names. >> bp released the investigation into the cause of the oil rig blast that led to the massive leak in the gulf of mexico. as expected they are sharing the blame. bp sites several companies,
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concrete work. and the ax arose frrm a series of mechhnical and human failure. meantime the government continues its own investigation. >> wwll, another beautiful hot daa today. >> yeah, and thh heet will continue. we broke records too. go to chief meteorologist vytasú reid with the details. -ytas? >> we have changes coming. we had a frontal boundary push through that wwll drop the ttmperatures over the next couple of days. and also the winds will slowly die down. looking from the hd skycam. inner harbour. bobbling there because we have the little bit of wind out of the north-northwest at 12. temperatures are 73. comfortable night. one of the nights that you could crack the windows scope let in the fresh breeze blow through. cooling things off naaurally. looking at humidity levels at 40 perrent. %-the air. has been rising as good news. because it was in the lower 20s today. which showed the air dry, as we had the front move through. ú%oking at thh almanac page. high at bwi thurgood marshall airport was 99 degrees.
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low was 73 starting off this morning. no precipitation, to talk about. because we are still on that dry side of things. evvn though the front went through the other night. rained to the north ann south. and right around the centralúú%. %-thht there was no rain here.3 looking at 74 currently downtown baltimore. ú% in d.c. 65 hagerstown. you cross the mountains, out theee in garrett county. sitting at 55. cool spot in the state. and widening the shot here. you can see across, west of us. temperatures areecooler in the 60s. and ccntinue o see the cooler air funnnling in behind the frontal boundary. ú%d tempeeatures will go down. overnight lows, start to get onú the cool side. cold fronttwill continue too3 extend down south. high pressure is coming down out of the great lakes. and that wiil be dragging down the cooler temperatures. breezy conditions tonight. but winds are kind of dding down through the overnnght into tomorrow. which will be a pleasant day. future scan hows nothing going on in the form of any precipitation in our neck of the
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woods. few scattered showers up around lake ontario and buffalo. but for us, next weether system will not arrive until toward the end of the weekend. keeping an eye to the ttopics. atlantic satellite. it is busy active season firing up. tropical stormy gore. and winds at 46 miles per hour. gusting to 58. this storm will probably ecome a hurricane. in the next, about, 24 hours. as we go iito -- 36 hours, as we go into friday, saturday. looking at it becoming a category onn and then two storm. and make a slow turn. missing hispaniila and watch it closely to see how this travels and will it affeet the mid-atlantic. closely.úe to watch that -ver the next several days. tonight clear skies. temperrtures dropping down to around 60 for tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. 78 is the high. beautiful day. and then your five-day forecast. shows 75 on friday. 82 on saturday. with sunshine. and next chance for rain possibly sunday with a
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>> and end is put over speculation for takinn over for larry king. >> british born was named. morgan is kkown as the juuge on the reality show ameeica has talent. but veteran journalist that hopes aapopular interview program in the uk. cnn said he will do a similaa show weekdays at 9:00 pm. >> when i saw what happened. and everyone told me what happened. very embarrassed. >> very embarrassed. jersey shore star snooky pled guilty to criminally annoying people on a jersey beach. health not go to jail but has community service and $500 fine. the behavior is acceptabll said the judge..3
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>> if this was your idea of having a good time t appears yourrrecent celebrity has affecttd your judgment in this matter. i don't know, you seem to be acting like a lindsay lohan want to be in this matter. >> she told the judge whht happened before judgment and not scripted for her show. previously snooky said that she was tooopretty to be in jail. >> after spending yesterday passing a physical and signing his ccntract, the newestt ember of the ravens hit the field today. receiver t.j. houshmandzadeh practiced for the first time. ú%w the ravens are not exactly going to ease him in to things. they say t.j. houshmandzadeh will see action monday night in the opener against ryan and the jets. so now he has to get wiih the playbook and cram. as a pro, it is not easy. >> t will be a challenge. you know, couple of times out there today, i was asking guys to make sure i knew what i wass3
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dding. -ut i donnt want to rely on guys. you know, i kinds of want to know it mysslf. people that know mm kkow that's how i am. so i aa going to try to get in it as much as i can. lasttnight i was n it all night. you know, didn't ggt enough sleep. but, you know, i have to make3 sure i know hat i am doing. >> meanwhile, it is not looking as if the ravens will haveewee back for the season opener. john harbaugh said he woull not rule it out. but quote he is not anticipating -t either. web has been rehabbing a torn but it is still looking ffy for monday. >> whatever coach has for me. if he wants me to get out and test it out. i wwll. if he don't, then i won't. so it is all depends on how this week goes. gets better every ay. comfort level is rising. and it gett better. >> to the bronxs where the orioles were going for something they have not done in nearly 25 years. they were shooting for a sweep. ú%they have not done that since the summer of 1986.3
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the third. gardener, slices it in to llft. peia cannot get to it. grrnderson scores. and thinking three. and watch peia'' throw to izturis. guards down gardener. yankees on the board. and then in the top of the fifth. o's down 1-0. wieters up with one on. hits a hiih fly ball to left. anddgardener can watch as it sails out for wieters 11th of tte year. %-and bottom of the 9th.dd koji in for the save. swisher drills it to left. with one on. it reaches the seatssfor the two run, wallkoff hhme run. what a heartbreaker. -ankees snapped the birds win3 streak and avoid he sweep in dramatic fashion, 3-2 the final. >> the o's have tomorrow off. they start a three game series ii detroitton friday.
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forecastt %-will be much cooler day than e 90s today. 78 egrees. breezy. but the breeze will die down %-sunshine sticks around for friday. 75 degrees. 82 by saturday. with 40 percent chance for our next system to push in. that will be a frontal boundary that moves in from he northwest. and we do need the rain.
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much needed out therr. because it hhs been dry. monday, tuesday, lower 80s. and 77 for wednesday. >> all right, vytas, thank you. that will do it for the "late edition". thank you for joining us tonight. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy.
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